The Global Child Nutrition Foundation was created in 2006 with the mission of expanding opportunities for the world’s children to receive adequate nutrition for learning and achieving their potential.

GCNF is dedicated to helping countries develop and operate successful, sustainable, school feeding programs. GCNF provides training and education to support the development of community-based school feeding programs that respond to the nutritional needs of children, while considering local cultural and community values.

GCNF holds an annual Forum focused on advancing child nutrition internationally through effective and sustainable school and community-based feeding programs. Working with an array of public and private sector partners, GCNF strives to ensure the broadest possible representation at each Forum of government officials who are involved in or interested in starting national school meals programs. Every Forum has a theme linked to the benefits and implementation of school feeding programs, with special attention to approaches that ensure quality, sustainable programs. These approaches include planning the programs so as to spur agricultural development; create jobs, profits, and a tax base; achieve standards for nutrition and food safety; encourage community participation, transparency, and accountability; increase cost-effectiveness; and maximize the educational and health benefits for the student population. The Forum encourages open dialogue and the sharing of lessons and challenges among participants. It is also hosted in different countries from year to year, affording participants the opportunity to visit local schools and see one another’s programs in action. Past Forums have taken place in the U.S., Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

GCNF is a USA-based, 501 (c) (3) international foundation. The GCNF Board of Directors, representing both domestic and international leaders in child nutrition, provides global perspective and policy guidance for directing resources to most effectively assist countries with policy and program development.

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